Collard Hill map

For those that have not visited Collard Hill, we would advise you to take a quick look at this map before arriving; just so you can get your bearings easier. A lot of the blog posts, we mention places like the ‘quarry’ or the ‘eastern glade’, this is so you get a better understanding where to find the large blue on your visit to Collard Hill

Map of Collard Hill

There will be a ranger on site most of the time until the end of June and early July to help you find the butterflies.

We hope you have a successful and enjoyable visit.

4 thoughts on “Collard Hill map

  1. Lottie,
    Thank you. We are about to travel 200 miles to (hopefully) see Large Blues and it is a great confidence builder to have your map and the assurance that someone will be there to help.

    • lottiefaulkner

      You are welcome David. I was not on duty the day you visited unfortunately.That is quite a bit of mileage to undertake, I hope you were successful!

  2. Robin Morrison

    Hi Lottie, Many thanks for your help early this morning. It was a great sight seeing the large blues and the other butterflies on the hillside along with the hunting/hovering Kestrels and the supporting Sparrowhawk. Next time I must make an effort to go and see the orchids.

    • lottiefaulkner

      Definately Robin, really glad you saw the blues. I shall be on site all weekend and next week although I finish at the end of June. I am about to go to work now so if you drop by I will make sure to show you the orchids, the weather is just horrible but at least Collard has lots of other fantastic wildlife as well as the Large Blues. Poor butterflies though.

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