I have watched the crops grow golden, the Large Blues come and go and the sun rising and falling in Somerset since the 30th of May. What a wonderful experience it has been, but all good things must come to an end. Therefore, it is time to say goodbye to Collard Hill and all of it’s inhabitants. A new chapter of adventure awaits me.


Here are a few images I have taken over the course of my time on Collard Hill which I did not manage to put on the blog posts:

Goodluck to the 2017 Large Blue Butterfly Volunteer Ranger. May the Large Blues be another success in your presence!



Do blue skys mean appearence of the Large Blue?

Yay! The sun is out and the skys are Blue. It certainly feels like everyone is walking around with a sunny grin on their faces today.

As for the appearence of the Large Blue on Collard Hill?

It was this time last year that one of the first sightings for the season of 2011 was made by Dave Simcox. The weather has been that bad recently, it certainly makes me wonder if the large blue will make its early apperance again. If your out and about on Collard, keep a look out and let us know if you see any signs of this wonderful blue butterfly.

Hayley – Ranger