My final update!

Hello everyone,

I’m sad to announce that, with the last Large Blue sightings seen last Monday, their 2017 flight season has now come to an end! As I’ve been discussing with a number of recent visitors, I wasn’t expecting their numbers to drop quite so soon in the month. This year, the Large Blues peaked in number around June 21st. Previous years also saw the most sightings in mid/ late June, so for those planning a visit next year I’d definitely recommend going at that time, depending on the weather of course.

However, the stage is set for next year with our egg counts revealing a promising estimate of L. Blue egg numbers nestled in the Wild Thyme flowers. So, let’s be grateful that they had a successful summer while the weather allowed it, and for the opportunity that myself and many others were able to see one of the UK’s rarest and most beautiful (in my completely non- biased opinion!) butterflies.

This past week I’ve been enjoying all of the other wildlife to be seen on Collard Hill and still have some photographs to share. Here are some things I also took throughout my post and haven’t shared yet:


Large White


Large White


Heath bedstraw (Galium saxatile)


The photogenic Marbled Whites


Red Admiral


Can you spot the Brimstone amongst the leaves? Seen early June

It’s been a pleasure to guide and speak to each and every one of the people that visited Collard Hill and I hope to be back in the very near future! Thank you to everyone that passed on their knowledge and helped me learn as much as I did over the last 6 weeks.

I look forward to the next Large Blue flight period,

Gabrielle, 2017 Large Blue Butterfly Ranger


4 thoughts on “My final update!

  1. Great job Gabrielle it was a joy to meet you on site and see 7 of these wonderful butterflies, God’s finger prints. I have enjoyed reading your excellent blog and wish you well for the future

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