Butterfly haven

Hello again,

Full to the brim butterfly transect today, spotting Large Whites, Small Whites, Common Blues (they’re back again!), Painted Ladies, Tortoiseshells, Peacocks, Commas, Marbled Whites, Gatekeepers, Meadow Brows, Ringlets and Small Heaths. Whew! It truly is a butterfly haven at Collard Hill.


The Gatekeepers have arrived in good number around the scrub!


This Common Blue female flew off as I was snapping away

Though I can’t capture fast- moving animals like birds and dragonflies on my humble iPhone 4 camera, I did manage to get this outline of a red- coloured dragonfly in flight because they were flying so close to me all day!


Dragonfly spp.

However… I’m sorry to announce that today is the first day of good weather that neither myself nor any visitors have found any Large Blues. I spent most of my time between transects pacing or sitting at previous prime LB locations to spot one of the individuals I know must be hiding away somewhere, but to no avail yet.

Here is a past photo to fill the Large Blue void that has been left today!…


Our beautiful Large Blue 26.06.17

But, there is still LB news to report. Yesterday, our wonderful experts, that have been mentioned many times before, Sarah Meredith and David Simcox, carried out an egg count on the Wild Thyme flowers and passed on that, from what was seen pre- analysis, LB egg numbers are looking good for next year!

Here’s to what will be found tomorrow. Thanks for reading,

-Gabrielle, Volunteer ranger


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