Solo sighting Sunday… 3 sightings Monday!

*Update Monday 3rd- on site for a few hours and 3 Large Blues were spotted in the space of just a couple hours. They’re still about!*

Hi all,

Yet another gorgeous day on Collard Hill in all respects, weather being butterfly perfect with low wind, 20 degree temperatures and plenty of sun- but only 1 Large Blue to be seen! There was a good team out tackling all corners of the site, East to West, so there was no lack of search effort.

I had a case of the Large Blue blues in the morning until a lucky moment where I spotted today’s only sighting at around 12:00. It was flitting around the hay meadow (down from the pine trees) at incredible speed, stopping only briefly on purple- coloured flowers. I may or may not have made an attempt to keep up with it in case a visitor came into view but to no avail- LBs certainly can move! Ironically, it had been seen in that area the day before, not long after I’d told a group how infrequently I see Large Blues there!


My second spectacular Comma sighting

Aside from the apparent sudden drop in the Large Blue population, Collard Hill is abundant with hard-working Bumblebees, solitary bees, dragonflies (also too fast to photograph on my humble iPhone camera), noisy grasshoppers and crickets… and let’s not forget the grazing horses and cattle that are there in the top enclosure to greet me every morning.

Also, it seems that a second brood of Brimstones are out as I spotted their unmistakable green- yellow colour flying around the bramble in the Eastern Glade!


Ms Bumblebee


Rabbit friends


Marbled White on Small Scabious

Looking back on past blogs, I love a quote that Jono, the 2014 Large Blue ranger, passed on;

“If you don’t see a blue, just enjoy the view!”*

And what a view it is!


Thanks for reading,


*’Large Blue Report- 25th June. Super Special Photography Edition!’, 2014. Link:


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