Large Blue update- 30th June

Hello all,

Today went by far too fast up at Collard Hill, involving many welcome visitors with a story to tell and surprise appearances by various wildlife.

The middle slopes next to the oak bench proved to be the best spot for Large Blues. Though we didn’t have many different sightings throughout the day, the noon sun brought out a couple of very docile and open winged LBs that stuck around so that all could see and photograph them well.

I was glad that some were able to have seen their first Large Blue butterfly, and others were able to say that they have now seen all of the UK’s butterfly species!

blog 30th 4

Large Blue with a torn right hindwing

Here are some more species that featured today…


Painted Lady- also slightly torn!


Slow worm- the legless lizard

blog 30th 3

Oxeye daisy

Make sure you head down to the Ivythorn Youth Hostel Car Park at 11.00 tomorrow to join in with the Meadow’s Day walk on Collard Hill (link below).

Don’t forget to write about your butterfly watching experiences in the comments book!

Until tomorrow,


Meadows Day info:



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