Visitor photos

Evening everyone,

Today, readers, you are in for a treat! When the cool weather sets in and the Large Blues hide away for the day I can take the opportunity to share some incredible photographs that visitors to Collard Hill have recently taken. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves:


Egg laying female. Photo by Martin Seery


Photo taken by James Robbins

By James Robbins 2

Marbled White by James Robbins

By Jonathan Jones

Photo by Jonathan Jones

By Jonathan Jones 2

Egg laying female by Jonathan Jones

By Jonathan Jones 3

Photo by Jonathan Jones

By Jonathan Jones 4

Large Blue egg on Wild Thyme. Photo by Jonathan Jones

Thanks to those that sent those fab pictures in! Lastly, anyone able to confirm the species in the photo below? We believe it’s probably a Large Skipper but the abdomen looks like it could be too wide to be a Large Skipper… thoughts? *EDIT- It is indeed a Large Skipper female!*


Photo provided by Jean Carroll


I look forward to the break in clouds forecast this weekend… and, of course, learning lots about the beautiful wildflowers we have at Collard Hill it being National Meadows Day Saturday!

See you soon,

Gabrielle, Volunteer Large Blue ranger


2 thoughts on “Visitor photos

  1. The photo in question is of a Large Skipper female. The reason for the wide body is that she is carrying eggs prior to laying them. Female butterflies tend to be larger than males for this reason.

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