Cloudy but lovely day

Hiya everyone,

First of all, I saw a Comma butterfly today! My excitement is real because many visitors have reported this and I’ve been very envious having never properly seen one before- until today. As I was hanging out in the quarry at around half past five, the sun came out of the clouds for a few minutes and out came two Large Blues and then a bright orange flash of butterfly. It flew so quickly it seemed to teleport, but it settled for a moment enough so I could identify it. Another species I have a goal to photograph! I digress…

I took a panorama of the area we call the quarry to show the steep slopes and distinct cow tracks for those that want to butterfly search/ cut to the bottom fields through there:


The smiling quarry among the pine trees

Cloudy day with the return of the strong Westerly winds had our Large Blues hiding away with about a sighting per hour. Some very keen- eyed visitors noticed a couple of LBs resting for a good amount of time on a gorse bush. We wondered whether there is some tactic behind the choice of plant, as the Large Blue underwings camouflage very well with the gorse buds… Tomorrow is set to look the same, cloudy but with some (much- needed) rain at 3pm.


Large Blue on Common Centaury

I spotted this charismatic moth in the large field at the bottom of the quarry- many micro moths to be found there- and the same group that found the two resting LBs helped to identify it as a Scarlet Tiger moth:


Scarlet tiger moth



Side angle showing scarlet underwings


Marbled White

So, although it is more difficult to butterfly- watch on an overcast and windy day, there is always plenty to see at Collard Hill.

-Gabrielle, Volunteer ranger


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