Butterfly heaven

Today was a beautiful day and, though I was on the outskirts from Glastonbury festival, I was definitely feeling part of some magic being surrounded by such a number of butterflies. Some Large Blues circled very closely around me for the first time, making me feel like I was in a butterfly exhibit (or perhaps truly becoming a butterfly whisperer… as some of my friends are joking!). Despite the afternoon heat, myself and the National Trust’s James Robbins who I worked with today saw about 40 Large Blues today; as many as there were Meadow Browns.


Large Blue on thistle


Finding a high point to enjoy the view

The hot afternoon saw a very quiet site after all the visitors had gone home and much of the animal life sought shade. I did the same and enjoyed finding areas to take some photos:


Meadow Brown


Small Heath


Lacewing spp.

Tomorrow should be the end of the hot spell we’ve had this week with wind speeds picking up, but there is intermittent sun forecast, so I’m not expecting a drop in butterfly sightings at all. Our grass and poor wild flowers can certainly use a little rain, too.

Make sure you look up traffic conditions, preferably avoiding Glastonbury town, when planning your visit this week!

-Gabrielle, Volunteer ranger



2 thoughts on “Butterfly heaven

  1. This is very insightful and I look forward to reading more of these blogs day-by-day. also, very wise with the traffic advice! I imagine everything from Glasto to Pilton (9 miles) will be at a stand still! fingers crossed for some rain soon!

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