Large Blue update- 15th June

19198501_1356422937744206_408888408_n (1)Hi all,
Another day of beautiful warm weather and lots of happy photographers- some of which pictured above! The Blues were slower to come out compared to yesterday, waiting until the noon sun to emerge and then showing up one sighting by one steadily throughout the day. Although it took some searching today, I’d say I saw around 12 LBs having been on site from 9am to 5pm. Many just didn’t want to settle again unfortunately, however later in the afternoon we spotted and followed one at the top of the hill and were able to capture it open- winged. They seem to like landing not only on the Thyme but also the Selfheal.


Large Blue female

I was joined by lots of wildlife- loving visitors, some of which had travelled for hours to come! So, we were all on the Large Blue look- out, and eventually were treated to seeing a mating pair fairly close to the path (two mating pairs seen today, in fact) as well as to many bright flutters of royal blue as they zipped around over the grass.

We’d love to hear about your experiences, so please do write in our comments book or share your photographs in the comments on this blog.

– Gabrielle, Volunteer Ranger


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