Large Blue update- 14th June


Gorgeous open-winged Large Blue

Hello everyone,

I have to apologise as I have been experiencing major laptop malfunctions, making it difficult to update the blog in good time. Nevertheless, today has been a beautiful day at Collard Hill in many respects and so much was to be seen.
This morning, the air was calm for the first time and, even at the path at the top of the hill, the strong winds were replaced with a cool breeze. The sun was already hot when I arrived on site at 9am and the area was buzzing with wildlife and people.

I counted around three Large Blues today in my afternoon transect alone, and saw around five more if counting those that zip past without settling. I was glad to see that many visitors were able to get some fantastic shots of the Large Blues today and most of the people I spoke to had seen one.
There was an interesting range of behaviour seen in them today, with reports of another copulation at the top of the slope near the entrance (Ivythorn car park side) to a very immobile LB that some observant visitors spotted. We agreed that it could be a newly emerged adult inflating its wings ready for flight.

To add to this exciting activity, we had our first sightings of the Marbled Whites at Collard Hill today! A couple of visitors had spotted one around the Eastern Glade and I had three sightings of the striking butterfly within the space of half an hour. In fact, probably thanks to the weather today, most butterfly species that had been spotted at Collard this season were represented in my transects today, including the Large Skipper!

So, all in all, a fantastic day and I look forward to seeing what tomorrow has to offer.

– Gabrielle


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