Those cheeky butterflies!

Good morning all,

What a beautiful day we had up at Collard yesterday- the sun was out most of the day and I met lots of keen and lovely visitors to share my Large Blue hunt with. Unfortunately, the recurring strong winds didn’t create the ideal conditions for us, so I carried out my morning and afternoon transects recording a striking Small Tortoiseshell in the pine tree woods (the ‘Quarry’) and a few of my favourite Common Blues.

BUT, at half 3, as soon as I finished my afternoon transect, the wind decided to die down, creating the perfect t-shirt weather in the sheltered areas. So, I sat in the Eastern Glade with my binoculars and tah da! I was treated to four sightings of our mischievous Large Blues darting across the top and bottom of the slope, occasionally landing on some Wild Thyme and other pink/ purple flowers.

I managed to snap a few quick photos of this one before it took off again; they were very active.


A great Wild Thyme resource with a matrix of opened and semi- opened flowers.

Luckily, it looks like the weather is holding out today, as well, and I look forward to seeing many more friendly faces this weekend.



One thought on “Those cheeky butterflies!

  1. Well done Gabrielle, delighted that Large the Large blue numbers are beginning to grow and great photos, keep up with the good work!

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