Windy and wonderful

Hello all.

Strong winds and rainy spells today didn’t prove ideal for butterfly watching and that unfortunately includes Large Blues today. But, Collard Hill never disappoints, so I took shelter at the bottom of the hill at the ‘Eastern Glade’ where the trees and scrub effectively block the wind and kept my eyes peeled. This area, pictured below, is where our solo Large Blue sighting took place on Wednesday!


The ‘Eastern Glade’; the South- Eastern area of Collard Hill.

Soon enough, it was visited by a Meadow Brown darting above the bushes and then a lovely Small Heath disturbed off the path I was walking. A Speckled Wood usually makes an appearance around the vegetation at the bottom of the wooden steps and this one settled just long enough for me to get a photo.

blog 2

Speckled Wood

When the morning rain passed, it was still overcast but you only needed to look a little closer to find hidden treasures glistening in its after- effects:


Glistening Dog Rose


Curious spider web opening up to a tunnel into the ground.


Any fungi experts?

Fortunately, tomorrow is looking to be a little more sunny for our L.Blues!

– Gabrielle


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