Weekend Blues

Sadly, the Large Blues are nearing the end of their reign on Collard Hill. Plus, the weather conditions do not help the last few that still remain, but there is hope that they will stay for the beginning of next week at least. Therefore, I am set to stay volunteering at Collard Hill for an extra week, than was originally planned, in order to see these last few off.

Today on site, the winds were blowing at 25mph! The sky was cloudy in the morning and blue in the afternoon, however there was quite a bit of mist hanging about, which I don’t think the butterflies liked (again, I believe this causes the air pressure to be wrong for them to fly).

However, here are some pictures I have taken from today, including a Large Blue, a Green Woodpecker, an unidentified Caterpillar and a photo of lots of grasses:


Red-Tailed Bumble Bee


What is this species of Caterpillar munching on rose leaves?





Green Veined White

Green-Veined White

Green Woodpecker

Green Woodpecker

Large Blue

Large Blue

Large Skipper

Small Skipper

Painted Lady closed wing

Painted Lady



If you can identify the caterpillar or any grasses you can see in the photographs that would be fantastic!



5 thoughts on “Weekend Blues

  1. Abbi your blogs have been brilliant, well written, great photos and a little bit of you. Glad you are staying on one more week, wish you well for the future.

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