Final Wimbledon Weekend!

Another day on Collard Hill, searching for all sorts of wildlife (whilst wishing and hoping that Andy Murray will win the semi-final and go on to win Wimbledon for a second time!)

In the morning I was helping the National Trust volunteers to pull up ragwort, by the trough and on the Lynchets, again. I then completed a transect in which I found just two Large Blues. One was found on the Eastern Glade which was very small, tatty and losing it’s blue scales – due to age. Whereas, one found at the Quarry (- near the pine trees) seemed to be a more vibrant blue colour, but still not very fresh looking.

Large Blue

Large Blue in Quarry

MB and LB

Large Blue at Eastern Glade with Meadow Brown – to show how small it was!

Getting on to the afternoon, a few visitors from all over the UK started to buzz around the site; including a family from Rhondda Valley (South Wales), a man from Glasgow (Scotland) and two men from Heathrow (England).

I was then walking my second transect of the day where I stumbled upon a very very small, battered, brown winged and blue-bodied butterfly that caused a slight dispute amongst visitors. We were having difficulty as to whether it was a Large Blue or a Common Blue.

I didn’t get the perfect photograph (unlike the visitors I was showing the butterfly to), but hopefully they will be happy to send me the photographs they have of the individual so I can make a clearer decision as to which it was. [However, it would be very surprising if it was a Common Blue as I have not seen a Common Blue since the second week of June on Collard Hill.]

LB or CB debate

Large Blue or Common Blue?

Remember to check the weather forecast before heading out to Collard Hill – Large Blues also do not like strong winds, so if there is a way to check, it could be useful.






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