‘Aerial Flowers’

Firstly, a brief update about the happenings of Collard Hill yesterday, when Becky Woodgate was in my place:

Becky Woodgate (28

Collard Hill (Becky Woodgate – BW)


The morning was cloudy with sunny spells and the afternoon showed glorious sunshine. The quarry area seemed to be the hotspot of the day (south facing hillside located by the cross roads entrance; by the pine trees). Becky’s first sightings of the day were 2 Painted Ladies (which were also playing about today too!), but in total she had recorded 11 butterfly species altogether; Painted Ladies, Small Heaths, Marbled Whites, Meadow Browns, Ringlets, Green-Veined Whites, Large Whites, Small Tortoiseshells, Comma, Speckled Woods and Large Blues (ofcourse)!

Today, I am quite sure I could add Gatekeepers, Large Skippers, Small Skippers and Small Whites to this species list, and possibly (although I am not confident of what I saw, and didn’t succeed in taking a photograph for records) Brown Argus.

I shall share some of Becky’s fabulous photographs from yesterday and then some from today too.


Wednesday (Today):

As you can see the Large Blues are still on the wing and in large sightings too! Altogether, I saw around 20 individuals again, just today.


[I called this blog post ‘Aerial Flowers’ as that is what John Samways refers to butterflies as in his book that he gave to me as a gift today. The book is called, God’s Fingerprints – the evidence is everywhere. Again, I would like to thank him for keeping me company whilst at Collard Hill, for his enthusiasm and energy and for this gift.]


One thought on “‘Aerial Flowers’

  1. Glad you like the term ‘aerial flowers’, Abbi – great to catch up with you today. Thank you for the care you took with your assignment, hope the memory stays with you for a lifetime. John.

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