Ebb and Flow

Today I saw only 1 Large Blue, disappointingly. It was half way up the bank on the far side of the Eastern glade. I noticed it when walking my transect route around midday. This was just after a band of heavy rain had passed, causing clear blue skies to appear in it’s trail, and another band of rain looming in the distance.

A visitor to the site spotted the first Large Blue of the day just along the track going away from the bench, towards the next field where it was sheltered from the high winds. Although, the visitor said it was not around for very long. I proceeded to tell him my theory that they can sense the rain coming our way, possibly due to air pressure. I pointed towards the South, East and North at this moment in time, to show more rain creeping closer from over the Levels and then I prepared to take shelter under the oak tree.

Collard Hill Rain.JPG

Collard Hill View

But today was still pleasant, I greeted visitors; some new to the site and some “regulars” who live close by using the site to walk their dogs. As I stopped my transect to tell some where I had seen the Large Blue, we saw a Comma landing and then zip off again. The first sighting of a Comma on site so far! Unfortunately, it was too quick for me to take a photograph to show you all. (Next time!)

I am sure the Large Blue are still at Collard Hill in quite high numbers considering it is July (late for Large Blue flight season). My guess is there are 5-10 individuals on the site as a whole. But you will be lucky to see them with weather like today! I do hope it clears up so I can see the last few survivors.



4 thoughts on “Ebb and Flow

  1. Hi Abbi, it was me who spotted the first large blue this morning. After you directed me to the quarry area, by chance I spotted another one there sheltering in the grass during a rain shower. Thanks for your advice and information, will hopefully be back next year in better weather!

  2. Hi Abbi,

    We saw three large blues yesterday not far from the meadow with the marked orchids. We also think we saw one laying an egg, we have a picture if you would like to see it.


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