An Eventful Day

When arriving on sight to the sun warming my face, the bird’s singing away, and a gentle breeze on through my hair, it was just so peaceful. I then came across some early birds who had traveled from Hampshire and Kent to see the Large Blue butterflies. After a quick chat, I put up the flag and prepared for my day. Then it was time for me to go to Ivythorn Car Park (by the YHA) where I was to meet and greet some National Trust Somerset Rangers and Volunteers.

It was great fun showing them about, teaching them about the site and talking about the Large Blue with them. When arriving on site with them, within 10 minutes we had spotted some visitors that had collected just off of the pathway -always a good indicator that a Large Blue is at their feet. So as a group we crept up to see the Large Blue in all its glory.

I then walked the transect route with them sharing knowledge of hotspots for Large Blues and for specific plant species, such as the wasp and bee orchids (although most of them are no longer in pristine condition).

Within the Quarry we saw a freshly emerged Large Blue with its wings still crumpled and curled. It was beautiful! Other visitors today spoke of similar sightings at different parts of the site, meaning the Large Blues could be around for an extended period of time. We shall just have to wait and see.

Here are some images from today, including some challenges for you to try and help me identify:

6-spot burnet moth

6-Spot Burnet Moth

C.Restharrow with unidentified bug

Challenge: What is this bug?

Common Restharrow

Common Restharrow

Field Mushroom

Field Mushroom

Scarlet Tiger Moth...

Challenge: Is this a Scarlet Tiger Moth

Unidentified bg

Challenge: What is this bug (2nd picture)?

I also found what I thought was a Pied Shieldbug and another unidentifiable bug, but these proved more difficult to snap up a picture.
Any ideas on the identification of the bug and the moth is welcome.



2 thoughts on “An Eventful Day

  1. I have avidly been following the large blue bog. On June 20th,on our way to Devon my wife and i called in at collard down, at first things were not looking good due to a shower as we arrived in the car park,anyway after a bite to eat we made our way up collard and managed to see 3 large blues, i managed to get a photo one of which had a slight abberation of the spots on its forewing upper. Only mountain ringlet and silver studded blue left to see.

  2. Hi Abbi,
    Your bug may be a species of capsid bug – Stenotus binotatus. They are usually marked with black, but not always. I found one on site today (Fri,1st July) which was a nicely marked female. Some consolation, seeing as I completely lucked out on seeing a Large Blue!

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