Wicked Westerly Winds

I woke up this morning to treacherous rainfall flooding the garden path. “Oh no, there is no way my waterproofs are going to survive that!” I thought to myself and laughed.

I got on site around 12 today – once the rain had passed and the day looked brighter and warmer – only to feel a strong Westerly wind (reaching around 8mph). “Well no butterflies are going to want to fly in this wind.” I thought. However, I was proved wrong as some were zipping past me. But there were others clinging on to any vegetation they could whilst some were battling with the wind when trying to feed or oviposit.

If only the wind had died down, I am sure there could have been many more sightings than the 20 I recorded this afternoon. Although, the visitors all seemed to have seen an average of 6 today which is fantastic news! Most also managed to get great open winged and closed winged photographs of the Large Blues.

Here are some images from visitors, including Becky Woodgate (who will be standing in as the Large Blue Volunteer Ranger this Monday and Tuesday). Becky has also been nominated as the Polden Landscape Champion for Butterfly Conservation this year, so please do feel free to ask her questions about butterflies, what the PLC role involves and about the LBVR role too.

Don’t forget to write in the visitor’s book about your own Collard Hill experiences.


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