Wet & Windy Weather

When stepping foot on site, at 9am this morning, there were already a few keen, excited and enthusiastic visitors searching for Large Blues. (One of them being Martin, who I’d like to thank for pointing me in the direction of the well trained Ringlets!)


Collard Hill today saw most of the many forms of British weather; sun, rain, gales, thunder, cloud and blue sky. This unfortunately proved difficult to conduct a full transect for the day. However, in the morning the average visitor saw around 6 Large Blues on the Eastern Glade and I managed to record 14 Large Blues across the Eastern side of the site in just half an hour – before the thundery downpour soaked me through and through. (All good fun!)

Passingby thunderstorm

I also managed to photographs these delights, but wasn’t sure if I had identified them properly;

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Plus, here are some visitor photos from around the YHA carpark and on Collard Hill itself:

Thank you to visitors sending in their images to us, they really are lovely to see!


2 thoughts on “Wet & Windy Weather

  1. Thanks for directing me to the orchids during my brief visit this morning. It was good to see three or four Large Blues before the rain. I did drive over to Exmoor, and the sun came out. Saw Heath Fritillaries at Bin Combe. So a good day. Good luck with that dream job! Simon.

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