What a “wow” day!

Walking on the site like most mornings, I did not expect to see as many butterflies as I had done today. Coming off of site and looking at my charts, it really was a “wow” day!

I reckon the Large Blues are set to peak this week or the next looking at my sightings from today’s transects. The morning transect saw 13 Large Blues, whereas the afternoon transect saw 29 Large Blues! Wow!

Collard Hill

Collard Hill

Large Skippers, Small Whites, Ringlets, Common Blues, Painted Ladies, Small Tortoise Shells, Marbled Whites, Meadow Browns and Small Heath were also seen today in their numbers. That’s 10 species of butterfly in 1 overcast, but bright, day!

Small White

Small White


Large Blues were mainly open winged in these warm and overcast conditions.

Large Skipper

Large Skipper

Identification challenge for today:


Can you identify this moth?

Happy cameras all round!



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