Glastonbury Festival Fun!

Today’s traffic was madness; it reminded me of ‘Operation Stack’ back home in Dover! Complete gridlock.

After waiting around for a long time at the bus station, I jumped on the first one that was seen that morning. I then endured a walk from Street in the rain and when arriving on site hoped it would have brightened up or to be greeted by butterflies or visitors. Instead, there was quiet, not even the busy road nearby had many cars whizzing down it. It was rather eerie. Just the rain, the birds, the bugs and me.

I paced the first transect of the day at 11:30am, when the rain had stopped and was around 20ºC, there was hardly any wind and so I expected to see a lot of butterflies. However, this wasn’t the case. The clock hit 12:40 and I had only seen a few Meadow Browns. At this time I was in the Quarry, the Western side of the site, the sun had just started to peek through the dark clouds when I saw BLUE! Blue wings were fluttering by! At the end of the transect I had logged 13 sightings of Large Blues.



Large Blue

Around 2pm, there was a huge sunny hole in the clouds, this was when I was having a late lunch and managed to count roughly 5 Large Blues, Meadow Browns, Small Heaths and at 2 Marbled Whites. So I thought I would get on with pacing my second transect of the day, by the time I had finished it was 4pm, the wind had picked up, but it was now 30ºC. I had sighted 11 Large Blues, 2 Common Blues, 2 Small Tortoiseshells, 3 Marbled Whites, 31 Meadow Browns and 9 Small Heaths. Overall, a good day was had (even if I had started the getting soggy socks).

Common Blue.jpg

Common Blue

Also, some identification challenges of some other wildlife on site:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If anyone knows there mushrooms I would be grateful if you could confirm the above species for me.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If anyone is good with plants, moths and grasshoppers then please let me know about the above images.




2 thoughts on “Glastonbury Festival Fun!

  1. Hi, Abbi! We met early June (June 2?) trying to take photos of the tower on Glastonbury Tor, and talked about your butterfly project. What a nice surprise to do a web search for the large blues and stumble on your blog! I’m enjoying your words and the photos of Collard Hill flora and fauna (and also your other online photographs! – I did a web browse). Sounds as though the butterflies are thriving. Hope you are too! Todd Jones, visiting from California …

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