Open Day on Father’s Day

What success! The weather may have been a let down once again, but the day as a whole certainly was not.

The experts Dave Simcox (who helped with researching and introducing the Large Blue butterfly to Collard Hill) and Sarah Meredith (a former Volunteer Large Blue Ranger) were on site to guide the tour. What a fantastic help they were too! We all saw Marbled Whites, Large Blue butterfly eggs nestled in Wild Thyme and 5 Large Blues in total on Collard Hill (despite the rain and lack of sunshine). We also pointed out the Wasp, Bee and Pyramidal Orchids nearer the bottom of the Hill.

Ruby Simcox - Open Day (10yrs old).jpg

Ruby Simcox pointing out her favourite butterfly species; the Large Blue. Her second Large Blue sighting of the year. Happy Father’s Day Dave!

Overall everyone seemed delighted at the end of the Collard Hill tour and had already gained very respectable images for the first half of the Open Day. Next tour for the day was Green Down with another expert Matt Green, accompanied by Dave and Sarah.

Plus my day started with a walk around the YHA where I found these:

20160619_143812 (2)

Not sure what Orchid this is – any guesses?

20160619_143836 (2)

Orchid Flowers

Six-Spot Burnet Moth

Six-Spot Burnet Moth






3 thoughts on “Open Day on Father’s Day

  1. The plant you have got here is hedge woundwort. A common species of hedges. Next time you see the plant crush the leaves and smell. It has a distinct smell not to everyone’s tastes mind you.

  2. It has a distinctive square section stem too. Spreads by underground runner. It’s a pretty weed in our garden.

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