On the wing…

This morning the weather forecast was looking bright. However, not long after arriving on site around 9am, the weather took a bad turn – not as bad as previous days mind – no rain but also no sunshine. There was even a period of time when nothing was buzzing around and all fell silent in anticipation.

Around 2pm is when the sunshine started to break through and the sightings of Large Blue (some were spotted mating) increased dramatically. Blues were seen amongst a freshly emerged Small Tortoiseshell butterfly, Marbled Whites and Painted Ladies. (The visitor image below is from yesterday, but it is a similar photo to what I have seen today.)

John Beaven (1).jpg

John Beaven

Another visitor had the best seat in the house today, as a Large Blue decided to land right in front of her and oviposit!

We were also graced with the pleasure of seeing, what I believed to be, a Silver-Spotted (updated to: Large) Skipper!

Silver-spotted skipper.JPG

Large Skipper

Let’s hope the weather forecast for tomorrow changes for the better as it is our Open Day! More information about the open day can be found on the link below:

I look forward to meeting more visitors willing to share their images with us!


2 thoughts on “On the wing…

  1. Would suggest your Skipper is a female Large rather than Silver-spotted .
    The latter are one of the last species on the wing , usually late July and into August .

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