New arrivals

Again, a very overcast day with a bit of drizzle, but around 4pm it brightened up a little. This was about the time when one of my colleagues saw a Small Tortoise Shell!

Earlier on in the day, we had seen – what we believed to have been – a Dingy Skipper (please do say otherwise if it’s not ☆updated to Silver Y Moth☆). Plus, we most definitely saw the Painted Lady that a few visitors had called to me about a few days before but I still hadn’t laid my own eyes on it until today.

According to my colleague’s identification guide, some entomologists believe the Dingy Skipper to be an evolutionary link between moths and butterflies.

We also found Wasp Orchids today (a hybrid of Bee Orchids: they have a longer, and more pointed “bee”).

Wasp Orchid.JPG

Wasp Orchid

On the 9th of June, a lovely couple pointed out these Small Eggar Moth Caterpillars! I went back to show my colleague today and there was a big difference, so I believe we shall be seeing the adults pretty soon.

I also thought, some of you may be interested in Rock Rose. It comes from the family Cistaceae; of which most species originated from the Mediterranean and can have a healthy relationship with root fungi.

Rock Rose

Rock Rose

Have a lovely weekend!

(Rock rose information:


5 thoughts on “New arrivals

  1. The silk nest containing caterpillars are Small Eggars not Oak Eggars . A good find as its a species that’s in decline due to the obsession of local authorities trimming roadside hedges in late spring ,consequently destroying the early stages

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