This morning it felt colder than previous days and I still had gloomy clouds over my head. The met office forecast was set for showers throughout the day, but this was not the case on Collard Hill. For at 3pm – what felt like – a bath full of water was chucked out of the clouds, lasting around an hour! A few of the visitors optimistically waited for the downpour to stop, and were rewarded with a few sightings of Meadow Brown, Small Heath, Painted Lady and (drum roll please) Large Blue butterflies. I am so glad, as a large proportion of visitors on site today had travelled for over an hour to see the showstopper, but were downhearted with the weather upon arrival.

Shout out to Bart, who was on site at 9am and spotted this beauty just 5 minutes later/ (Unfortunately, it did open it’s wings shortly after you left the site. Also, thank you for leaving a comment in the Visitor Book!)

6 spotted burnett moth caterpillar

6 Spotted Burnet Moth Caterpillar

On the 8th of June, I photographed this 6 Spotted Burnet Moth Caterpillar, and today was the first I had seen an adult one on site! Excellent news, as now we have bright red wings colouring our view.

Pyramidal Orchid

I also stumbled across this Orchid, in which I believe to be a Pyramidal, but please do correct me if you think differently.


Spider in web in hole in ground after rain

This Ground Spider’s Home

When the rain had stopped, spider webs became more prominent across the ground and this little fella thought he would say Hello before I left for home.

Now for a challenge possibly… does anyone know who this belongs too (in image below)?



Final note from me: I advise you all to look at the weather forecast for Street, (Somerset, UK) before travelling long distances.




7 thoughts on “Raindrops!

  1. Got to say that’s a great shot of the spider!! I found a few webs with rain drops at Boxhill on Wednesday but the spiders were keeping hidden. Finally spotted a small blue on the hillside but no chalkhill blues yet. Was hoping to visit Collard on Sunday with family in your area but the weather isn’t looking promising!

  2. So as predicted the LB did open up when I left! Should have stayed but the lure of those Heath Fritillaries was too much! An excuse to come back next year for an open wing shot though. Great reserve and good to see it being so well managed with such knowledgable and helpful staff.

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