Where is the sunshine?

It was such an overcast day right up until 3pm, so there was not much fluttering about at all. Yesterday there were 10 sightings of Large Blue, but today I only saw 5.

However, I did see a Kestrel around, fairy flax, and a Large Blue female showing us some egg laying behaviour (which was better photographed by a few visitors than the one shown below).

Fairy Flax

Fairy Flax

female laying eggs Large Blue Butterfly

Large Blue Female Egg Laying

Orange Trefle's Birdfoot

Orange Birdsfoot Trefoil

I have also had some lovely comments put in the book which I shall share with you below:

20160609_161150 (2)20160609_161156 (2)

It is a pleasure to have met so many nature enthusiast already, thank you for your company!



3 thoughts on “Where is the sunshine?

  1. Hi. Thanks for the advice. We arrived about 3.30 and you suggested to go lower down the slopes. Sure enough observed 3 together. 2 males and one female. And then one other. So I claim 4 sightings and I have some worthy pics as well. Rob

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