What a successful day!

Even though the weather was overcast, there were a good handful of Large Blue sightings today. Most, if not all, were ‘happy, satisfied visitors’ (said Stephen Rawlinson, who had been at the sight eagerly waiting since 8am this morning). We even had a spell of sunshine around 12:30 – 1pm which helped increase spirits and most likely sightings of Large Blues with open wings.

I will share with you a good handful of images that I have taken from the site today:

Large Blue, just emerged

Large Blue

Large Blue with hole in wing

Large Blue (with hole in wing)

Male (top) & female common blue

Male (top) & Female (bottom) Common Blue

common blue (female)

Female Common Blue

two orchids growing

2 Growing Orchids

Bee orchid with 3 'bees'

3 “Bee” on this Bee Orchid

3 bee orchids

3 Bee Orchids in a Row

When visiting the site, it would be lovely to have a log of where you are all from. To do this we have a “Visitor Book” which is located near the Large Blue Butterfly flag on a special wooden post. We would also be interested in any photographs that you have taken whilst on Collard Hill. Just ask for a card, or find one in the box, and with your permission your comments and photo’s could end up on this blog!)





3 thoughts on “What a successful day!

  1. Thank you for posting such enthusiastic reports, Abbi. I’m looking forward to visiting.
    Can I make a plea though? Please learn how to use an apostrophe. Large Blues is the plural of Large Blue. Large Blue’s would be used in the possessive sense: Large Blue’s wings meaning the wings belonging to a Large Blue. Sorry if that sounds pedantic but the meaning is different and it really looks wrong.
    Keep up the good blogging though!

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