It’s about Thyme!

Hope you all enjoyed the weekend!

Today there was said to be about 7 Large Blue’s fluttering around the site – they just seem to be hiding from me. There is no set hotspot yet, so sitting patiently with binoculars (or a camera with a relatively good zoom) in one place seems to be a good way of spotting them at the moment.

The Thyme is gradually blossoming (with some images below), so please do be careful where you are walking. If you could try to stick to the cattle and sheep tracks, so as not to trample on this very important species along with the orchids that are about, that would be a great help to the Large Blue’s. I have marked out some Orchid’s and areas with a lot of Thyme growing, with logs and sticks, so that you are more aware of what’s around.

Thyme Marked

Thyme bank

Thyme marked (2)

Beginnings of Thyme on anthill, marked with log


Close-up of blooming Thyme

Another nag from me, would be to have plenty of water and lots of suncream when visiting, as the site has been reaching around 30ºC-35ºC in places. But that’s enough nagging from me today, just enjoy the site!



3 thoughts on “It’s about Thyme!

  1. Hi Abbi, I’m a butterfly recorder in West Cork, Ireland. I just love the blog. It’s wonderful news about what’s turning out to be a huge success. Let’s hope you get a wonderful hot sunny few weeks. Cheers, Peter Wolstenolme.


  2. Many thanks for the post Abbi, I’m hoping to travel from Bracknell for my first viewing of a Large Blue on Wednesday. Weather looks good. Any tips as to where I should be looking or just follow the trail and keep eyes on the thyme? 🙂 Mark

    • Hi Mark, I will be around on Wednesday and can update you on the day as to where they could be, or where most have been sighted more recently. But for now my advice would be to follow the trail, yes; or to sit in one place with binoculars (or camera) to look at what’s fluttering about in the sun. Have a safe journey and I will probably see you there! 😊

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