They are hiding!

I shall begin with a brief weather update of today; 100% cloud cover with temperatures ranging from 15ºC – 25ºC, and very misty air. This means it wasn’t a great day for sun loving butterflies. BUT! at around 3:30pm today a member of the public called, Chrisy Gwilliam spotted a Large Blue resting -and not in the usual hotspot for Large Blue’s either. So keep your eager eyes peeled and you may be able to catch a glimpse of the small early bloomers.

However, if you do come to Collard Hill not expecting to see much, you are mistaken. The Buzzard is soaring around, the Green Woodpecker is shy but around, and even if you are very unlucky to not even catch a glimpse of these then please do turn your attention to where you are treading. There is so much activity going on under our feet that we miss. Did you know that soils are said to support more life beneath its surface than above its surface?  Soils are so important to sustaining life on earth yet we know hardly anything about them, it is a great shame!

Anyway, here are a few pictures from today to hopefully enthuse you:

Common Buzzard.JPG

Common Buzzard – got one!


Grass&Wild Flowers

How many different species can you see in this image and how many of them can you name correctly?


Precious Orchids – Marked out for all to see (But please do not move the sticks or harm the orchids)

Bird's Foot Trefoil

Bird’s Foot Trefoil

Cocks-foot (possibly)


Daisy (2)


White Clover

White Clover – often told to taste like apples! (But please do not eat, for health & safety reasons)



Information on soils website:  


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