A Warm Welcome

Hello everyone,

I would like to use this first blog to introduce myself a little, to get you up to date on the most recent sightings of the Large Blue Butterfly and all of the other magnificent species that can be seen at Collard Hill, Somerset.

Firstly, my name is Abbi Gosling (as mentioned in previous posts), my relevant experience includes; gaining a Level 3 BTEC in Environmental Management and Conservation, hours and hours of voluntary work with the National Trust (on the White Cliffs of Dover, UK) and with the Snowdonia Society (in Wales, UK). Plus, I am currently studying a four year degree in Environmental Conservation at Bangor University, in North Wales.

I will be on site most days of the week, for six weeks in total, and when I am not around there will be other experienced volunteers around. This means there is pretty much someone always on site to answer any questions you may have and to help you get the most out of your visit. I will also be regularly updating this blog for people that aren’t able to make it to the site itself, so that they can enjoy what the Collard Hill has to offer as well.

Secondly, an update on what the team and I have seen just today. There are a few early bloomers of Large Blue’s lately, such as the two in the image I took today, but not many have actually been spotted. I am going to be keeping my eyes peeled this week in the hopes that I see a few more. However, this weeks weather forecast is warm but cloudy, so maybe sightings will still be scarce, but I am yet to get tallying!

Today, the team and I also found lots of budding Thyme around with very small numbers of Large Blue Butterfly eggs snuggled in tightly – an image of this can be seen below. We also saw Bee Orchids, which are absolutely stunning plants – an image of one can be seen below. We also saw a Buzzard and a Green Woodpecker was spotted on the 1st of May.


Mating pair of Large Blue’s (Female on the right, with male on the left)


Large Blue Butterfly egg nestled amongst the flower head of a Thyme plant


Bee Orchid in bloom

Any questions, please do ask away.
Thank you!




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