Over and Out

Hi everyone!

Apologies for my quietness this week I was taken back to Reading for my graduation, so I am proud to say I am now the holder of First Class BSc in Human and Physical Geography! However, on a sadder note my last recorded sightings of Large Blues were the 6 I saw on Sunday 5th July! It appears the wind and rain put an end to the 2015 reign of the Large Blue, however it is not a season we can complain about, we can hope now the number crunching can begin that this year the numbers will have grown, but only time will tell!

I would like to give many thanks to the visitors who have come along to Collard and shared in my enthusiasm for the Large Blue and the great outdoors I have learnt so many nuggets of information from the vast range of conversations I have had with many of you over my time at Collard! As well as you guys, I would like to give particular thanks to the National Trust North Somerset Ranger Team for allowing me this opportunity and training me as the Large Blue Ranger giving me access to such a wonderful site as Collard! I learnt so much while taking part in my 6 week placement in Somerset and that would be a lot less if I wasn’t treated the fantastic knowledge and expertise that came in the form of Sarah Meredith and David Simcox! I do hope many of you will visit Collard next year and hopefully see the Large Blue continue to thrive in the Somerset countryside and share the experience with next years Large Blue Ranger!

Here is a wonderful image taken by a visiting Wildlife Trust group of a mating pair of Large Blues that exemplifies this species fight to remain here for us to see and enjoy!

Margaret Vernon

Margaret Vernon

I also have a little treat of a “Thyme” Series as I would like to call it to see how this patch of Thyme changed throughout the season I spent at Collard! You can see it coming into flower ready to feed the Large Blue Larvae.

Over and Out

(Although I will hopefully be crossing paths with many of you as I embark on my next steps with my masters and enjoyment of the outdoors at various wonderful sites the UK offers)



7 thoughts on “Over and Out

  1. Good luck Rosie and thanks for looking after the blues and making all of us who visited feel welcome. You did a great job.

  2. Congratulations on your First Class BSc Rosie, and thanks again for all of your updates from Collard Hill. I am glad you had such a good time, and it was a pleasure meeting you during our visit, which was very successful in no small part by your invaluable advice & information. Good luck in your Masters.

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