Egg Laying Video – The next generation!

Hi all,

As promised here is a video filmed by one of our visitors of a female egg laying! Enjoy!

Here is a photo by another of our visitors of an egg laying female… We can be glad to see the next generation is upon the slopes!

Rupert Perkins

Rupert Perkins

There have been numerous sightings of Emperor Dragonflies right across Collard, their size and colour never cease to be impressive!

Rupert Perkins

Rupert Perkins

This photo of an underside of a Red Admiral I thought was a truly impressive shot by Rupert our visitor. This one of the Largest of the British species and although not as vivid on the underside is still leaves a stunning impression, they often land with their winds wide open!

Rupert Perkins

Rupert Perkins

20150627_092722 20150627_100024

One of our kind readers, wrote in and we believe the left is a Ghost Moth and most likely female due to its yellowness marked with orange while the males are white!

The right seems to be a very interesting find of a Mecyna Flavalis,  a micro moth species that is quite rare in the UK, but it does favor chalky downland and grassland slopes so fits with Collards environment but is usually found on the South Coast, and in South Wales! They have been found away from the coast indicating smaller colonies inland so we could well have one here… do write in if you think any differently!

Hope to see you soon




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