The clouds prevail!

Evening all,

Today on Collard the temperatures were trying to climb and enter a blue skied paradise ready for the Large Blue emergence but unfortunately the south-easterly winds blew clusters of clouds one after another limiting the temperature. The wait continues on the Large Blue front!

It is all too important to appreciate the other butterfly related treats in this fantastic limestone grassland! The limestone grassland plagioclimax has the ability to support numerous important specialist species of British wildlife meaning you never know what you can see or hear! There were many Chiffchaffs singing out today as well as the sound I believe to be Stonechats.

The butterfly action that I experienced today….

In the times of sunshine I was given the joy of watching the courtship of the Common Blues! The females prove more difficult to photograph!

Male Common Blue attracting his ladies!

Male Common Blue attracting his ladies!

Female Common Blue playing hard to get!

Female Common Blue playing hard to get!

The Speckled Woods continued to survey the tree lines, the Small Whites were seen flying great distances across the site and the Small Heaths sticking to the grasslands of the eastern glade.

A posing Brimstone roosting in the foliage, the veining and angles to their wings could be easily mistaken as that of a leaf! The art of camouflage is stunning in the animal kingdom.

Brimstone or leaf?

Brimstone or leaf?


On the return today I finally managed to grab a picture of Green Veined White! These are in fact not green veins but a combination of yellow and black scales that give this fantastic illusion! It displayed both is lower and upper wings!

Green Veined White

Green Veined White

Green Veined White


My updates continue!




One thought on “The clouds prevail!

  1. An excellent read Rosie & nice to meet you yesterday at collard hill. I found it an excellent site even though the large blues weren’t out. I hope to visit again when I’ll be able to not only see, but photograph this lovely rare butterfly. Kind regards, lee

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