Collard Hill Report – 5th July

Hi all!

Another fairly gloomy day on Collard today, but dry enough for me to perform some more egg counts. Once again, more comprehensive work needs to be done before we can publish a final figure but it’s not looking bad at all. There is really very little to report for today, visitor numbers have really started to dwindle for obvious reasons. With the threat of rain and very little on the wing the hill takes on a very different tone, but there are still treasures to be discovered!

My favourite part of today has to be this. I’m still really really happy about it as I write this.


I spotted this Elephant Hawk-moth roosting on grass stalks while I was searching for Thyme, and while gently moving some of the surrounding intrusive vegetation it fluttered on to my thumb, from where it refused to move. This little guy was completely stuck to me, I’ve clearly made a friend. I’ve been looking forward to seeing these since I arrived and had almost given up hope!

The end of the Large Blue flight season marks the beginning of the end for me, so I’m already becoming somewhat reflective about the time I’ve spent here with the National Trust. It really couldn’t have been any better, I don’t even mind that it was such a poor year for the numbers of adults because of all the challenges it created, and how much more exciting and rewarding it made tracking them down or showing them to visitors. With all that said, I’ll still be up on the hill for a while longer yet, so if you do fancy coming to Collard for a poke around and to take in the views, make sure you track me down! The Blog entries will start to dwindle now, although I do have a nice idea planned for tomorrow, so stay tuned at least until then!

As always, thanks for reading.

Jono – The Large Blue Ranger.




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