Large Blue Report – 2nd July

Hi folks!

My apologies, but today’s post will be fairly minimal as the internet in where I’m staying this evening is extremely temperamental.

Not a single Large Blue was seen on the site today! We’ve had around 40 visitors today looking alongside me, so it’s not for a lack of trying!

Yesterday and Monday we did have sightings, but they seem to have been of the same aged individual as shown in; this post; the below photo (sent in by Neil George); and on Paul Redman’s Flickr.

Neil georg2

Old Large Blue – Neil George

It seems the second brood of the Common Blues have started to emerge – which made for some exciting/tragic moments today. Really beautiful though.



Despite the lack of Large Blues this season, there is at least hope for the next generation (Collard Hill’s 15th!). We’ve seen a good amount of egg laying, and have tracked down the first hatched caterpillar! The ovum hatch after 5 – 10 days. After Large Blue caterpillars emerge they will feed upon the Thyme flowers until entering their fourth instar, whereupon they fall to the ground in the hope of being picked up by the ant Myrmica Sabuleti, on which it will feed for the next 10 months.

Our planned egg counts may give a better idea of what to expect next year.

two eggs and caterpilliar

Is this already the end of the Large Blue season at Collard? Only time will tell, so stay tuned to the blog for more information!

Thanks for reading!

Jono, The Large Blue Ranger



3 thoughts on “Large Blue Report – 2nd July

  1. Good to meet you this morning Jono and an interesting chat. Hopefully a few more Large Blues will emerge this year.

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