Collard Hill’s New Guest

We’ve had a very exciting sighting this morning.
Nick Edge sent in reports & his photograph of a Long-tailed Blue.

ImageThe Long-tailed Blue is a migrant to the UK, and it is generally considered extremely to see one on our shores. Last year (2013) saw the largest reports of their numbers in the UK since records began, with sightings on 9 sites across the South Coast. To my knowledge this is the first time we’ve seen them at Collard, although I could be wrong and staff are looking into records.

Read more at UK Butterflies, where you can also view a large number of photographs taken after last years influx.



2 thoughts on “Collard Hill’s New Guest

  1. Any Large Blues today please? We will visit on Wednesday 2nd July PM & hope to show my 10 year old son, Robert his 1st ever Large Blue. Will you be there Jono? Cheers……Lee Slaughter (Cornwall).

    • Hi Lee,
      I’m not 100% sure on today’s sightings – Monday and Tuesdays are my days off (even someone who loves the job as much as I do has to have some downtime!). I’d be very surprised if the recent patterns of populations have changed though unfortunately. I will be on site Wednesday, and we can try and point you in the right direction 🙂

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