Large Blue Report – 28th June

Hello all!

I apologise for my recent absence, some minor health issues. All better now though!

Despite the foreboding forecast, I managed to spend the morning scouring the site as best I could in the hope of finding some roosting large blues, sheltering from the drizzle. Fate was seemingly not on my side today though, and my searching was largely in vain. There were a few brief sunny spells, the longest of which was about 15 minutes, in that time a few species managed some activity but by and large the site remained quiet with the exception of Marbled Whites.

I also managed to fall flat on my bum on three separate occasions this morning (luckily no-one saw). The soil on Collard gets so slippery so very quickly so if you do head up in weather like this or while the ground is still wet, please be extremely careful.

I was joined by a few extremely optimistic visitors this morning, which was great to see. I’m not sure how well they fared, nor whether or not they ran screaming from the hill as I did when the weather closed in and lightning threatened to strike me down.

Tomorrow looks set to be a real nice day for butterflying, and I’m really looking forward to see what kind of effect our recent spell of rain has had on large blue populations/ their behavior.

Thanks for reading!

Jono – The Large Blue Ranger


6 thoughts on “Large Blue Report – 28th June

  1. Glad we cheered you up! We saw some common blues, small heaths, ringlets, meadow browns, and marbled whites, but, alas, no large blues. We beat a hasty retreat from the hill, and went off the levels to watch birds, and were lucky enough to see some bitterns! We saw a lovely rainbow over Glastonbury Tor. Hope you didn’t get too wet!
    Tim and Sue

  2. Hi – 29 June – after several hours of fruitless searching, we found a Large Blue on the way back to the car park! It was not in the best condition, but if you want to see photographs let me know where to send them.

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