Large Blue Report – 25th June. Super Special Photography Edition!

Hi everyone!
Large Blue numbers and sightings seemed to have remained fairly consistent across Collard Hill. Today saw 6 – 7 sightings early in the morning.This morning was actually one of our best, we saw 3 before 10:30 which was a really positive sign. There was a nice bit of cloud as well which allowed for some open-wing excitement. I’m yet to get that perfect picture yet though.




The trend didn’t continue into the afternoon however, with things really quieting down after lunch time. We’ve had successive weeks of weather which allows the majority of butterflies on site to get flying really early in the day, so this is a pattern we’ve often seen. It’s still impossible to tell if numbers are going to pick up in the near future or remain at this kind of consistency. We’re due rain soon, so we might begin to see some changes in butterfly behavior & numbers.

I spotted a few enjoyable sights while on site today. The first was the comedic context in which this burnet caterpillar found itself.

The second being the laying of this Hummingbird Hawk-Moth! Rooting around in vegetation looking for tiny little eggs and finding them is a really thrilling experience.



Despite the relatively low numbers this year, we’ve still had many Large Blue seekers on site who’ve really enjoyed their time here. As one of our visitors, Gary Farmer said:

We had glimpses of two Large Blues. But there’s so much more to see there. Clouded Yellow butterfly and a Six-belted Clearwing moth for starters. Stripe-winged grasshoppers and most surprising, Rufous grasshoppers. With Great Green Bush-crickets and a Spotted Flycatcher thrown in for good measure I almost forgot that LBs were the reason for our visit.

Another one of our visitors – Chris, coined a phrase I’ve become extremely fond of;

If you don’t see a blue, just enjoy the view!

Chris Hooker’s lovely view

We’ve had plenty of picture submissions from visitors which we’d love to share. It takes me a little while to get everything looked at and downloaded, sorry about that! We’re so grateful to everyone who sends in pictures, and to everyone who visits and enjoys the site – meeting you all is a pleasure!

Hummingbird Hawk-Moth laying. Taken by Chris Hooker.

Chris Hooker did a much better job than I did capturing a Hummingbird Hawk-Moth laying its eggs.

neil hulme2

Excellent Large Blues from Neil Hulme.

Two Excellent Large Blues from Neil Hulme.

Thomas Blewden's perfect Small Tortioseshell

Thomas Blewden’s perfect Small Tortioseshell

Thomas Blewden's Marbled White. Such a difficult one to get!

Thomas Blewden’s Marbled White. Such a difficult one to get!

Clouded Yellow - Thomas Blewden

Clouded Yellow by Thomas Blewden

martin blake1

Martin Blake managed to capture this unprecedented scene as a Large Blue settles on John Samway's shirt.

Martin Blake managed to capture this unprecedented scene as a Large Blue settles on John Samway’s shirt.

Brian Harrison's fantastic Dual Blues.

Brian Harrison’s magnificent Dual Blues.

Andrew Cooper makes a friend.

Andrew Cooper makes a friend.

Once again, a huge thankyou to everyone who has shared their experience with us, be it through photographs or comments, it helps give a real boost to staff like myself. Please continue sending things in!

Regrettably I’ve got some minor health issues at the moment, so it’s likely I’ll be taking a few days to rest up before I’m fighting fit and back on the site. Because of this there will probably be a few missed blog posts, but I’ll get back on top of it as soon as I possibly can.

Hope to see you on the hill!

Jono – The Large Blue Ranger


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