Quick update from Collard Hill – 24th June

May I first thank everyone who visits Collard Hill, Its fantastic to see and hear your stories from around the country – several of you have been to oxford and seen the Black hairstreaks the past few days.

Numbers of Large Blues are steady with about 6 being seen today – two were laying females this morning which is great news!

It was pretty hot on the hill today, the truck themometer was readiong 24 and that was in the shade…

This meant that the majority of Blues that were seen were sticking to the gorse areas down the gentle track, its a little cooler for them down here.

We were joined by three full time volunteers today from the Holnicote Estate today. Not having much limestone grassland where they work, it was a great chance for them too see a different site, learn about the project and see plenty of limestone grassland species – they certainly tested my knowledge today!

The weather for tomorrow is looking a little cooler with some rain coming mid afternoon and just another piece of information –  glastonbury festival is starting on Thursday so I can imagine there may be quite a bit of traffic on the roads tomorrow – you are still welcome to visit though!

Thank you to all who have been sending in photos of their visit to Collard, we hope to get them uploaded over the next couple of days.

Hayley – Ranger for the Mendip and Polden Hills

Marbled White - Hayley Dorrington

Marbled White – Hayley Dorrington


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