Large Blue Report – 21st June

Collard’s run of perfect weather continued today with temperatures well into the 20’s and barely a cloud in sight.

General numbers across the site of all butterflies seemed to fare much better than yesterday. On our first transect, 50 Meadow Browns and over 20 Marbled Whites were counted. Across the site there are at least 17 species to see at the moment.
This trend was also (just about) seen in Large Blues, with around 8 visitor sightings. The majority of these were once again females laying on the slopes of the eastern glade. I spotted a female myself on the other side of the hedge at the top of the eastern glade, this area can be a nice little unexpected spot to see them.


The extremely hot weather meant that very few of these sightings were on the wing, and were mainly made by disturbing individuals or spotting them while resting.
If the majority of LBs on the site are inactive, this is a potentially positive sign in terms of population numbers. It may be that many individuals have just been extremely difficult to spot on many days. Inactivity unfortunately means that the chance for visitors to spot them is fairly low.

Vegetation quiz time!
Anyone who can ID this one gets a big pat on the back, it had myself and a few of our visitors scratching their heads today.


But anyway, back on topic. Second guessing the direction in which the populations are heading in the near future is a really difficult task, we’re still not sure whether or not populations could increase soon. We’ll just have to wait and see. Part of the beauty of butterflies is their ability to vary so much from year to year, ripping up the rulebook with reckless abandon.

Thanks for reading!
Stay tuned for more updates!

Jono, The Large Blue Ranger


5 thoughts on “Large Blue Report – 21st June

  1. The plant you have there is Asperula cynanchica (Squinancywort). It is a rare species for us here in Northants.
    Brian Laney.

  2. Glad to hear the butterflies are slowly emerging. Hoping to visit early next month so keeping up to date with this blog on a daily basis 🙂

  3. Good to meet you on Sunday 21st. We had glimpses of two Large Blues. But there’s so much more to see there. Couded Yellow butterfly and a Six-belted Clearwing moth for starters. Stripe-winged grasshoppers and most surprising, Rufous grasshoppers. With Great Green Bush-crickets and a Spotted Flycatcher thrown in for good measure I almost forgot that LBs were the reason for our visit.

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