Large Blue Prospects (morning report) – 18th June

Large Blue Collard Hill

Photo by David Simcox

Good morning all!
First I’d just like to quickly apologise for the lack of recent updates to the blog, I unfortunately had to leave the county Sunday and have only just returned.

The good news is that sightings of the Large Blue have continued at Collard, although still in generally low numbers.We’re already receiving plenty of great pictures from visitors.

Taken by Thalia Brown

Currently the best place to see them seems to be along the slopes above the quarry (pines) or below the gorse adjacent to the main tractor track which runs down the hill. (If you find me in person I’ll be able to show you exactly where I mean!).

Taken by Rrobert Godden

Today’s weather is looking fairly poor for butterflying, cloudy until very late in the day (6 o’clock onwards) when the sun might begin to poke through the clouds. Temperatures are forecast for 20°+ from around 1 o’clock onwards. It’s likely few individuals will be on the wing today, but the eagle eyed amongst you might be able to spot them resting.

David Habbershaw

Taken by David Habbershaw – one of the first sightings of the year!

But yes, it is certainly looking like flight season is now underway, although it will be a little while until the site really hits its peak.

Thanks for reading!
Jono, The Large Blue Ranger


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