Large Blue Report – 11th June


Back on the site today! I’m beginning to fear that “Still no Large Blues” is becoming a bit of a catch-phrase.

Today was a nice calm day up at Collard, both in terms of  the number of A) visitors trickling through our gates and B) the weather. Despite being predominantly cloudy, occasionally the sun shone through and the temperature remained high. Additionally the wind up here seems to have really died down since last weekend, if the sun was shining properly I would have expected to see a huge amount of butterflies on the wing today!

Since I’ve been away the Small Tortoiseshells and Meadow Browns have come out in fairly good numbers across the site.Today also saw the first Marbled White on the wing! No pictures of this one I’m afraid – It was definitely on a mission every time I saw it and went whizzing past at the speed of light.

I did manage to (just about) capture one of our mesmerizing Clouded Yellows today though!


The Thyme still seems to be fairly slow to flower across Collard – This is probably the most developed example I found today.


The Pyramidal Orchids towards the bottom of the slopes, in the open area of the site, are starting to show themselves and they’re out in better numbers than we first thought!


I also managed to catch my first decent shot of a Common Blue Damsel Fly! You can find a fair few Damsels flitting about around an the Lynchets (an area just to the south of the eastern glade).


Most of the fungi across the site have been turned into a black mush by solar exposure, but there are still a fine few to be found. There’s really something magical about even the most simple mushrooms.


Thanks for reading! I’ll keep you posted on the Large Blue status as well as all the cool little things and fun I’m having on site! Thanks for reading!

Jono, The Large Blue Ranger

P.S. Near the end of the day, I’m pretty sure this little guy tried to murder me.




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