Large Blue Report – 8th June 2014

Not too much to report today really, no Large Blues, but we’re still expecting them any day now!

Collard saw another day of really nice weather, mostly sunshine with spells of clouds. The weather meant there were fairly good numbers of butterflies out on the wing again, especially along the bottom slopes of the eastern glade.

Today I mostly found myself focusing on the vegetation across the site, trying to spot species which I’d not yet seen and drawing up a rough list of flowers on Collard. Two such new species were; Cowslips, found along the top of the main track through the site.


Along with the amazing little wildflower, Eyebright. This is famously known for its use as eye medication, hence the name!.


One of the great things about being able to focus on a single site on a daily basis is noticing the change in individual plants. I’ve been looking forward to the Yellow Wort coming into flower since I arrived and today it made good on its promise. A really striking little plant which really stands out in the sward.


That’s about all for today! The only new flying species we saw on site today was a Hummingbird Hawk-Moth.

Technically I’m not on duty for Monday and Tuesday, but there’s a good chance I’ll find myself up the hill at some point, so if you see me come and say hello!

Thanks for reading!

Jono, The Large Blue Ranger


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