Still on the lookout


This morning, I threw open the curtains at 6am to clear blue skies and blaring sunshine. This HAD to be the day…

Unfortunately the glorious weather didn’t stick around for long, and we haven’t seen any Large Blues just yet. The sunny weather held for a good few hours but was accompanied by a fierce wind, keeping everything hunkered down underground or deep in the vegetation, after which the clouds closed in.

Today I was joined by one of our new volunteers, Lucy, who helped me in our search for the ever-elusive Large Blue. We found a few butterflies on the wing, with Lucy’s brilliant eye for Common Blues:


Full points to anyone who can comment with the identity of this mystery creature.


Or who can identify this caterpillar!

Today saw the first few visitors trickling into the site, and although there were no large blues there were plenty of other interesting points to guide them towards, the Bee Orchids are still putting on a particularly impressive show! I don’t think a single day will go by at this site without me finding something new – today’s discoveries:

This particularly spectacular field mushroom (around half a ft. in diameter) amongst the pines,


This clump of fungi alongside one of the muddy paths in the eastern glade,


And a newly flowering Pyramidal Orchid – this should look amazing when it’s in full bloom.



Seeing people coming to the site interested and enthused about the natural world is one of the best things.

We’ll keep on searching, and we’ll keep you all posted!

Thanks for reading,

Jono, The Large Blue Ranger


3 thoughts on “Still on the lookout

  1. Your odd caterpillar is a 5/6 spot burnett moth larva. The brown unid’d butterfly is a dingy skipper.

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