Ready for the 2014 flight season

Well, its been a right old dreary day over at Collard with rain falling the majority of the day. We have been setting up for the flight season; with posts going in, paths being strimmed, rope going out, car park looking all smart and a general good old tidy up. Ivythorn meadows are looking really good with plenty of orchids appearing – greater butterfly orchids in small patches!

Jono, who will be the large blue volunteer ranger is starting on Monday so if your out for a walk on the hill and see someone new,go and say hello!

Collard Hill is looking good at the moment with regards to grazing, the grass is at the right height so Pat (the grazier) has taken the cattle and ponies off the hill-side and put them into the top field. Doing this will ensure the grass doesn’t get too short and have an impact on the ant as well as the butterfly.

As for large blue sightings for 2014… there have been no confirmed sightings as yet. I was on site a few days ago and saw  common blues, a small heath and a large white.

Hayley – Ranger


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