Large Blue Season Is Now Over

Hi all, the large blue season has now been declared over.

There hasn’t been a sighting for almost a week now and yesterday Hayley, Ian and I decided to call it a day. I have thoroughly enjoyed being the ranger for the site and would like to thank all the rangers, volunteers and experts for all their help and support.

Ive been trying to work out the distance i must have been walking each day and from what i can gather from google maps it must be at least 5km per day which would mean i’ve walked a total distance of around 200km in 40 days! About the same distance as it is from Collard Hill to London. My knees are certainly feeling it!

I’ll soon be writing a report on what has been a rather bizarre season, cold enough to wear gloves in June then hot enough to get heat stroke in July! In fact if we’d had a nice bit of snow I think that would have completed the checklist.

-Steve, Large Blue Ranger 2013


3 thoughts on “Large Blue Season Is Now Over

  1. Cheers guys for all your fantastic work this year, my first visit a couple of weeks ago & loved it. I will be back, maybe even before next years Large Blue season, thanks again & glad that you could use my Large Blue pic on the blog 🙂

  2. We certainly enjoyed our visit on 13/7, my 4th visit in the last few years (all successful). Thank you to the warden who woke my wife up to show her the large blue that I was watching further down the slope (it eventually landed at her feet), and also to the young lady warden who showed my 6 y o daughter a newly laid egg.

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