Photos from the last few days.

Thanks to all who have been sending us photos of their visit to Collard Hill, they are really great photos. The weekend has been quite quiet with Steve not seeing any large blues yesterday at Collard Hill. This does not mean the season has finished. It could indicate the season maybe slowing down a bit but it was also a little windier yesterday than it has been the past week so that could also have something to do with it too. We shall see how numbers are over the next few days.

Anyway, Collard hill is still looking great with some funky looking seed heads on the remains of the bee and wasp orchids, wholly thistles coming out into flower and plenty of Burnet moths flying around the ragwort.

Here are a few photos taken over the last few days…

Taken by Hilary

Taken by Hilary


Taken by Harry Faull

Taken by Harry Faull


Taken by Paul Brewster

Taken by Paul Brewster


Taken by Hilary

Taken by Hilary


Both myself and Hilary both think this butterfly is a small heath (the last photo on what looks like bramble flowers). If anyone thinks different and knows what it is then please let us know. Thanks.

Hayley – Ranger for the Mendip and Polden Hills


5 thoughts on “Photos from the last few days.

  1. Hayley, The last picture is a Large Skipper – not Small Heath. Regards, Brian Arnold

  2. Terence Flanagan

    Did you get my large blue for 8 July which I zsent again as you asked? Terence Flanagan

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