Thursday 11.7.13

A rather odd day in terms of Large Blue numbers. Only around 5 flying, one spotted around 2 o clock which was probably freshly emerged. The morning brought a cold start which seemed to keep the Blues down, i wonder if that discouraged them a little. Other than that theres not much else to say really. The sun is still about…

-Steve, Large Blue Ranger 2013


7 thoughts on “Thursday 11.7.13

    • Hi Michael,

      It really seems to depend on the weather and temperature on the day. During this hot weather theres been a period where it seems to get too warm for them and the number of sightings drops, but this has been happening at any time from around 12 30 to 3pm!

      Around 11am has been pretty good for the first sighting if its a cooler start but on warm mornings they’ve been out as early as 8 or 9 30.

      Hope this helps,

    • Hi Helen,
      I was at Collard today and didnt see any large blues. This doesnt however mean that they are not there. The weather is very hot for them and are probably finding shade for the majority of the day (Like the rest of us I think.) If you plan to visit, I would suggest first thing in the morning when temperatures are cooler and they may also not fly as fast then. I hope this helps you come to a decision.
      Hayley – Ranger for the Mendip and Polden Hills

  1. Hoping to visit next Monday (24 July). Can you give me an update on sightings please and the best time of day to visit during this hot weather.
    Many thanks,
    Brian Hallam

    • Hi Brian,
      I visited Collard Hill today, just to get an idea on numbers etc. With the temperatures as they are on the hill (in excess of 40’c in direct sunlight) I didnt see any flying today. That doesnt mean to say that the season has finished. 3-4 were seen yesterday so if you plan to visit, I would suggest you try and aim for a earlier morning visit when temperatures are a bit lower. When visiting, aim for the areas of gorse, they are more likely to be getting shade in these areas.
      I hope that helps you come to a decision.
      Good luck!
      Hayley – Ranger for the Mendip and Polden Hills

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