Thursday 4.7.13

A cloudy start to the day but once the sun started to shine warmly through the clouds around mid day 5 large blues made an appearance, two of whom i spotted having a bit of a scrap just above the quarry!

Taken by Brian Sweeting

Taken by Brian Sweeting

So numbers have been pretty steady at around 4 a day for good few days now and with the forecast, which has made me very happy, looking good for the next week or so i wonder if they might increase further as they come out to play in the sun.

Marbled whites are in fantastic numbers now, i counted about 30 on one transect today, and they’re still emerging by the looks of things.

Taken by Paul Bowden

Taken by Paul Bowden

Ringlet, Taken by Brian Sweeting

Ringlet, Taken by Brian Sweeting

Keep sending photos in!

By the looks of things suncream and plenty of water would be good to bring over the next few days if visiting.

-Steve, Large Blue Ranger 2013


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